Want to request a song? Then You came to the right place.

Comment below what Anime you’d like me to upload of and I’ll be sure to look at it and upload it. If you want me to upload OP/ED Single and OSTs as well. Please include that with your message.

It will take 1-2 days until Ā i upload your desired song.

Thank You.


8 thoughts on “Request

  1. Um, can u please not Rar in dropBox?
    Its running out of bandwidth, but there’s workaround if its an audio file.

    and if possible, another mirror??


    btw, what a nice blog u have.

    • Hi. We’ve already changed our file hosting site and we aren’t uploading in dropbox anymore, we’ve also changed the links but i think we missed out some. may i know what you were talking about or trying to download? We will fix it right away.

      Thank you.

  2. I’d like if you could upload the ost for Kimi ni Todoke, I think the song I’m looking for is the 2nd season OP…
    Also the OP and Ending for Cuticle Inaba Tantei.

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