Name: Monica

Position: Admin, Owner & Founder, Uploader

Birthday: April, 07

Personality/Trait: A bit boyish, Dandere and Super Shy

Hobbies: Blog, Surf the Net, Watch Anime,Read Manga and Play Video Games

Music: J-Rock,Visual Kei, Metal,Rock,Punk Rock

Favorite Artists and Bands : The Gazette, SCANDAL, Alice Nine, ViViD, Vistlip

Favorite Anime: Steins Gate, Code Geass,Death Note,Sword Art Online,Kuroko no Basket,Hunterxhunter (2011)


Name: Azurec

Position: Uploader

Birthday: Oct.31

Personality/Trait: lazy and shy

Hobbies:  Cooking, Playing Video Games, Reading, Sleep, Watch Anime

Music: Orchestra, Jazz, Rock

Favorite Artist or Band:  Supercell, Nujabes, Stereopony, Scandal

Favorite Anime:  Shiki, Baccano, Welcome to the NHK


Name: Chellesei

Position: Uploader,Graphic Designer

Birthday: July 28

Personality/Trait: Kuudere

Hobbies: Drawing,  watching anime, reading manga, video editing, graphics & web designing, slacking off \m/ , writing , sleeping xD

Music: Rock,  pop-rock , pop, classical

Favorite Artist/Band:  SCANDAL,  SNSD, Hamasaki Ayumi, Nishino Kana, G.NA

Favorite Anime: Oda Nobuna no Yabou, Hiiro no Kakera , Code Geass , CLANNAD, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, Special A, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun


Name: Kinkin

Position: Uploader
Birthday: April, 5
Personality/Trait: Lazy and self-proclaimed genius (lol)
Hobbies: Watching Anime, Reading Manga, Playing Online Games & Technika , and Fooling Around ~
Music: J-Pop , Melodic Trance , some K-Pop , European Pop and Dramatic Trance
Favorite Artist or Band: LiSA, Choucho, Annabel, and Westlife :)
Favorite Anime: Angel Beats!, CLANNAD, Guilty Crown, etc. xD

Join the staff! Contact me at for more details

Join the staff! Contact me at for more details


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