Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack [DOWNLOAD]


Title: Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack
Artist: Yuki Kajiura


1. swordland
2. feel uneasy
3. everyday life
4. quiet strain
5. no way
6. stand at bay
7. weird place
8. survive the swordland
9. taut nerves
10. a tense situation
11. a strategy meeting
12. in your past
13. march down
14. left in suspense
15. we have to defeat it
16. at our parting
17. confront battle
18. at our parting ~piano only
19. luminous sword
20. at our parting ~Vc only
21. a close battle
22. a tender feeling
23. a narrow escape
24. he rules us
25. fight!
26. a tiny love
27. smile for me
28. gracefully
29. a squabble
30. with my friend
31. the first town
32. at nightfall
33. despaired

>> Download Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack


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