singnum-ii – Euphoric Tears [DOWNLOAD]


Title: singnum-ii – Euphoric Tears

Artist:  signum/ii


01: 鳥の詩 (Euphoric Tears Mix)
02: Alchemy (nana’s Hardcore Mix)
03: My Soul, Your Beats! (cobalt green’s Eurobeat Mix)
04: Crow Song (Irus’Heavenly Breaks Mix) 
05: Shine Days (Tracy’s Handz Up Mix)
06: Harmony with Sorrow (XIO Mix) 
07: 青空 (Aura Qualic Mix)
08: 一番の宝物 (Euphoric Tears Mix)
09: Old Summer Days (XIO vs cittan* 2012 Update)
10: ちいさな手のひら (CBKN House Cover) 
11: 一番の宝物 (Euphoric Tears Extended)
12: 青空 (Aura Qualic Extended Mix)

>> Download singnum-ii – Euphoric Tears


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